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vi Araba, vi Gasteiz

We were waiting for you. Not only those who passionately savour every pedal stroke, every running stride and every swimstroke of this sporting event, but also all of you who have decided to visit us to accompany us, to share, to enjoy… or simply to get to know this unique land where to come is to be, and where to be is to be. Welcome: vi Araba, vi Gasteiz.


We invite you to come and be part of this territory for a few days. Share with us our love for gastronomy, for nature, for the beauty of our landscapes and for our Basque culture.


For this we propose a high-voltage training session; our way. It starts with a walking tour discovering the pintxos that have made this city famous (be prepared for a long walk, as in Vitoria we have one bar for every 170 inhabitants). Don’t stop because this continues, this time by bike or on foot along the green belt that surrounds Vitoria-Gasteiz or along the Green Routes that run through our territory revealing nature activities for everyone. And finally, we offer you a swim in our inland beaches, which have been awarded the blue flag. Shall we put the cherry on top of this training session? We can continue to discover our rich cultural heritage or visit one of the famous wineries in Alava and finish, of course, sitting at the table tasting our gastronomy based on a perfect blend of tradition, innovation and km0 products.
Discover Vitoria-Gasteiz now, discover Araba-Álava. Come, live, discover: vi territory.

"Gasteiz", all to be discovered

Vitoria-Gasteiz is a city designed to be discovered on foot or by bike. However, before you start strolling through its streets, here is some information to help you get your bearings.

Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital of the Basque Country and the province of Alava, as well as the seat of the Basque Government. With 250,000 inhabitants, it is an intermediate, compact city, set in an environment of great biological and scenic wealth, with attractive cultural activity and a high quality of life.

From its medieval heart you can go along its 48 kilometres of urban footpaths or its 110 kilometres of cycle lanes to the green belt, a belt that surrounds the whole city with its forests, parks and streams. With 46 m2 of green areas per inhabitant and 250,000 trees, in Vitoria-Gasteiz nature is inside the city.

Looking for maps, tours or directions to get to know Vitoria-Gasteiz? Here you have everything you need.

“Araba”, a lot in a very short time

Araba-Álava is unique. For centuries its lands have witnessed the passing of pilgrims and travellers, which has made it a welcoming territory and a good host. Its rich and important historical heritage, together with its diverse landscapes and the passion of its inhabitants for enjoying nature, make Araba a land where you can find something for everyone, even though it only covers an area of 3,037 kilometres.

With the exception of some towns such as Llodio, Amurrio and, of course, Vitoria-Gasteiz, most of Álava is made up of small villages. Thanks to this, Alava has important natural spaces that the people of Alava take great care of and which are in a perfect state of conservation. These are the Valderejo nature park, the Entzia and Izki areas, the Laguardia lagoons and the three nature parks shared with the northern territories: Gorbeia, Urkiola and Aizkorri.

You can also discover a rich amalgam of gastronomic delights in our Territory, we are waiting for you!


The vi half gasteiz team has carefully selected some accommodation designed for all of you to come on the 3rd of June to experience the event in one way or another. If you come to participate, you will be able to rest for the big day of the event, have a special menu or sometimes access to the gym. But we are not forgetting all those who come to accompany the triathletes, as you will be able to use all the above information to enjoy Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Historical Territory of Alava.


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