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about us?

vi half gasteiz arose from the Aloha Triathlon Club, in the hope of promoting a new middle distance triathlon for federated athletes and with the aim of involving all the citizens of Alava. A popular event based on the value and historical heritage and natural environment of Alava. A sporting and inclusive activity that seeks to project the sporting values of this sport in the population as a legacy; to create a local triathlon culture of its own.

We are a group of athletes who started training for triathlons together and at the end of 2015 we decided to create a club in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The Aloha Club is made up of people of all levels and our aim is to promote the practice of this sport and train as a group.

We love all distances, from super-sprint to long distance, to suit individuals’ style and level, but we are especially passionate about Half.

why vi half

Our name comes from the idea of including our great passions in that very name: triathlon, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava and people. Our name is written and lived in small letters and was inspired by the old registration number of the Historical Territory of Alava, which had this monosyllable and included the whole province and the city of Vitoria. In addition, vi refers to the Anglo-Saxon word be, whose pronunciation is “bi”( / b / + / i /), and whose meaning alludes to the verb to be: vi swimmer, vi cyclist, vi runner, vi half gasteiz.

The values of vi half gasteiz are:

Collaboration and teamwork – reflected in the dedication and collective commitment that each of the participating clubs and federated sports groups show in their daily training.

Environmental and heritage awareness – reflected in the respect, care and harmony with which athletes, their companions and supporters experience the event in its natural and monumental landscape.

Solidarity – reflected in the personal challenges and projects associated with participating in the event that involve supporting social and human causes.

Closeness and familiarity – reflected in the different activities that aim to welcome and integrate all participants, not only athletes, accompanying persons, family members, supporters and all those who show an interest in this sport.

Fun and passion – every activity within the framework of the event that allows enjoyment, recreation, reflection, inspiration, interest in learning and self-development at the same time, always with respect, as part of the personal growth of all users in their different degrees of participation.

Excelling – reflected in the sporting activity itself as personal transformation and the development of one’s own abilities to achieve the objectives to which each athlete is committed despite the difficulties.

Legacy – reflected in the memory created from the succession of personal and collective experiences enjoyed during the days of the programme.


At vi half gasteiz we understand the concept of sustainability as the union of two of its main values: environmental and heritage awareness and legacy.

Our event, in its first edition, is committed to respect and care for all the locations used for the event, performing specific actions such as reducing, reusing and recycling waste, water and energy and managing environmental cleanliness sustainably. In addition, sustainable mobility and accessibility will be promoted at the relevant points, through the shared use of buses.

Our commitment goes beyond these measures; we are committed to local consumption in collaboration with companies in the Historical Territory of Alava to promote local products that reduce the impact and footprint of the event on the environment we live in and to take care of it. We want to share awareness and respect for the environment we co-inhabit together with the participants, citizens and inhabitants of the territory, seeking to create new, more sustainable consumption habits.

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