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Friday 2 June

16:00-20:30 Collection of race bibs and accreditations

19:30 Technical talk in Spanish

20:00 Technical talk in Basque


Saturday 3 June

7:30-9:00 RCollection of race bibs and accreditations in T2.

7:45-9:45 Opening and closing of transition T2.

9:00 Departure of buses and bicycle transport for triathletes from T2

9:15-12:00 Opening and closing of transition T1

10:00-12:15 Left luggage at the start

10:30 Departure of buses for accompanying persons from T2

  • 12:30 Start elite women and women’s age group
  • 12:45 Start elite men and men’s age group
  • 12:50 Start open men’s and women’s categories

14:00 Return of buses for accompanying persons to C/La Paz

12:55-13:55 Triathletes at T1

15:10-17:40 Triathletes at T2

16:30-20:40 Triathletes at finish line

18:00-21:30 Collection of bikes at T2

20:45 Awards Ceremony – Post-finish line area.

20:45 Closing of the race


Finish times:

  • First female triathlete swim at 12:55
  • First triathlete swim at 13:10
  • First triathlete bike at 14:55
  • First triathlete Finish at 16:10.

Cut off times:

  • T1 cut off – 14:00
  • Km 50 – 16:10
  • Km 70 – 17:00
  • T2 cut off – 18:00
  • Run km 14 – 19:30
  • Last runner to finish – 20:30


(*) These cut-off times apply to both men and women. Those triathletes who have not reached the cut-off point at the indicated times, will be disqualified by the judges, in order to recover normal traffic as soon as possible, and from that moment they will no longer be included within the race coverage.

refreshment stations

During the race the triathletes will be provided with refreshments, both liquid and solid, distributed as follows:


vi cyclist

Water Bottles with isotonic drink with electrolytes from NutriSport Fruit

Km 12.7 – Zuazo de San Millan
Km 50.4 – Gereñu
Km 80.4 – Zurbano


vi runner

Cups of Water with isotonic drink with electrolytes from NutriSport

Cups of Coca-Cola (only in refreshment stations at universities)


Km 0,2 – Paseo de la Universidad
Km 6,5 – 13,2 – 19,8 – Catedral Santa María


Meta and Post-finish line area

Cups of Water with isotonic drink with electrolytes from NutriSport


Fruit and some more surprises.



The opening of the race will be signalled by an official vehicle equipped with a sign indicating “Start of race”. The closing of the race will be signalled by an official vehicle equipped with an “End of race” sign or “Sweep car” which will be in charge of picking up the triathletes who drop out of the race.

Between the opening and closing vehicle, the following vehicles will circulate:

  • MOTORCYCLES of the organisation, accompanying the race judges. They will be identified with the Organisation’s badges.
  • CAR AND/OR NEUTRAL VAN circulating in the middle of the race to pick up triathletes who have dropped out.

The cycling circuit will be closed to traffic in the direction of the race. In the sections where there is oncoming traffic, participants must respect the Highway Code, and under no circumstances may they invade the opposite direction. Participants must heed and respect the indications of the Ertzaintza, Miñones, Local Police, identified members of the organisation and Federation judges.

Any emergency vehicle that needs to use the cycling and running route to circulate to an urgent incident, must do so by indicating its position by means of light and sound signals. In all cases the vehicle will have preference over the triathletes, who must give way to the vehicle. The organisation will ensure the safety of the race at all times, but cannot be held responsible for any mishaps that may arise during the race.

Turn offs/ crossings will be staffed by personnel, who will be fully identified with high visibility waistcoats, yellow flags and in constant contact with those in charge by mobile phone or radio.

buses and bicycle transport

The registration fee INCLUDES TRIATHLETE TRANSPORT from T2, located at the universities, to the Garaio park, as well as BICYCLE TRANSPORT on the day of the race.

In case of NOT NEEDING this service, the triathlete must communicate this by email to before 22nd May 2023. If he/she does not communicate this and does not end up using this service, a penalty of 20€ will be applied.

Those registered by 20 July will be entitled to a free bus seat for 1 companion to Garaio Park on the day of the race as well as a companion’s guide. For management and environmental reasons, parking in the Garaio Park will be LIMITED TO 250 SPACES.

As soon as these spaces are filled, access to the park will be closed to vehicle traffic from the A-3012 entrance. This access will be regulated by members of the organisation, as well as by the relevant authorities.

Access to the park will be CLOSED from 12:00 noon until the last triathlete leaves the park at approximately 14:00.

* The timetables and the transport of bicycles to the Garaio park are still to be determined, as well as the transfer and price of the accompanying persons, and will be communicated at a later date.

** Bicycles may not be transported on the buses

*** Overnight stays are not permitted in the Garaio Park.

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